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A successful orthodontic practice doesn’t just happen. It is the result of a strong commitment to excellence and in the relationships we build with our patients! Read what they are saying about their experience at Reach Orthodontics.

Staff is amazing. They always make you feel welcome and everyone is very professional. Great people to depend on. Work is outstanding. Very wonderful experience.


I knew immediately when I met Dr. Hatcher that he was the one for me! I instantly felt at ease and confident that he was gonna be able to help me with my bite issues. He explained everything very well and I’m so excited and thankful to have Dr. Hatcher and his wonderful staff taking care of me!!


Dr. Hatcher is a blessing to me and my family!! His love for God is sooo real…that it just flows over into the lives of his patients. Having a doctor period that seeks to please, hear, and follow God is a true gift from God!


Going to Dr. Hatcher and his staff was a blessing. My daughter has a beautiful smile and I couldn’t say enough nice things about how it went and how they treated us throughout the whole process. He and his staff are truly a blessing to our community. Thank you all so much and continued blessings for your goal in helping others.


Dr. Hatcher is the best! He and his staff are super sweet, accommodating, compassionate, and not to mention Godly!


Dr.Hatcher has taken care of our 2 daughters being in braces and now our son. We have a younger child that isn’t old enough yet but he too will also need orthodontic work. No questions as to where we will take him. He and his staff are fantastic! No complaints here, and we’re loving that he is giving to charities and mission work.


The Staff and Dr Hatcher are wonderful people. I highly recommend there orthodontic services.


Dr. Hatcher and his staff were amazing with my boys! They each have beautiful smiles!! Thank you!


Dr. Hatcher and his entire staff are excellent. They are efficient, thorough and professional.


I’ve been in the dental field for over 25 years and can highly recommend Dr. Hatcher and his team both personally and professionally. I noticed several comments about Dr. Hatcher being God fearing and a blessing. I cannot think of a higher and true compliment. Dr. Hatcher has absolutely been a blessing to my family and to my daughter especially! When one of Dr. Hatcher’s staff members, Jennifer, told my daughter on our way out that they had been praying for her, that meant so much to us.. Our daughter was an orthodontical-surgical case. Dr. Hatcher worked seamlessly with our surgeon, Dr. Koslin (Birmingham, whom I also highly recommend) for what we feel is a beautiful outcome.


The words i can’t find , not even close, however i may search, and however i may try. No words can ever describe the kindness and blessing you all are. You are all amazing, outstanding and awesome. Under my skin and in my heart i will keep you all

Two years ago we came from the Netherlands to Madison Alabama and we needed an orthodontics for our daughter. We could not make a better choice. We are really super pleased and our daughter has a beautiful smile We tell anyone who searches for orthodontics, do not look any further and go here. You will not regret it


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In 2017, Dr. Hatcher reorganized his growing orthodontic practice to help underserved communities, locally and around the world.

Reach Orthodontics patients, both new and established, receive the same balanced care at the same convenient location being served by the same wonderful staff under Dr. Hatcher’s careful guidance.

Reach Orthodontics has the goal of giving $1 million to our partners over the next five years.

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