Reach Orthodontics is proud to partner with several organizations to help the underserved, both locally and globally. Are you interested in learning more or donating? Check out the links below!


His Hands Mission International works with village and church leaders in remote areas of Honduras developing water filtration projects to improve community health and welfare. Reach Orthodontics’ grant to HHMI will allow them to multiply their water filter project by providing training and a filter mold to a new organization in a new area of Honduras.

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Manna House is a local charity that provides food assistance to those in need. Through Meals of Hope, Backpack Program, Mom-to-Mom and Nightly Food Distribution. Manna House cares for everyone from expectant moms to multigenerational families.   

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Smiles Change Lives matches children in need of orthodontic care with orthodontists around the country willing to provide pro bono treatment. Since 1997, Smiles Change Lives has helped more than 8,000 children receive life-changing orthodontic treatment they might not have been able to afford otherwise.

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Community Free Dental Clinic uses local volunteer dental professionals to provide quality, free dental care and dental education to low-income, uninsured adult residents of Madison County.

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Lifeline Children’s Services in Birmingham sponsors the (un)adopted program. There are 153 million orphans, most of which will never be adopted. (un)adopted seeks to holistically care for these children in their physical, emotional, spiritual and social needs. As these children age out of orphanages, through (un)adopted, they will be better equipped to handle life on their own, thereby ending the cycle which produces vulnerable children. 

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LEAP logo


LEAP Academy, which stands for Leaders Emerging with Amazing Potential, will debut this summer. "We are excited to announce the creation of LEAP Academy, a new program at Horizon Elementary School that will strive to improve the lives of our students and make Madison an even better place to live for all of us."

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